About us


Team France SG is a Va’a Team based in Singapore.

The VTF adventure started in 2012 when 6 French guys met to prepare the Country of Origin Race (COO) held at Siloso Beach, Sentosa, organized by some paddlers from the community (Thank you Darrin !).

In August 2015,  the 6 first warriors became 33 paddlers ready to race (and party) under the same colors. Facing such a strong involvement there were no other option but building a new team…The VA’A TEAM FRANCE was born.

Since then the Team offers 4 trainings, 2 boot camps and at least  1 “apero” per week, following its 2 targets : be adventurous and have fun !

With VTF you’ll discover not only a sport but also amazing people sharing the same passion.

Come and meet your new best friends in Singapore!

Are you a player?

Not only you will learn paddling with us, but you will also discover the joy of playing « pétanque » a glass of pastis in one hand.

We will welcome you !

VTF has the pleasure to count on the commitment of its members. Lucky you / us : some of them are expertly trained in welcoming, hosting and partying!

Kings and Queens Race

Team France hosts every year the Kings and Queens Race to celebrate the Epiphany (French style) and determine which of the noblemen and women are fit to wear the crown. People from different clubs (from Dragon Boat to OC) come to paddle together for this fun and royal OC sprint race.

Selfie Frenchy!

The « Selfie Frenchy » is a tradition that started in 2014. Since then, one practice, one selfie.

Look at the Constitution of the Va’a Team France here !


Look at the Calendar of the Va’a Team France here !