Outrigger Canoe / Va’a provides perfect sports teamwork activity where every paddler counts: Va’a relies on synchronicity/timing and teamwork.

Successful team works well together with each person knowing exactly what their role is and fully trust their team. It is a long-distance sport where mental focus and ability are equally important to physical strength.

A Va’a that is not in sync doesn’t perform: This is very relevant to today’s work environment where people need to collaborate closely with others and trust them to do their jobs well.

Bringing your team to Sentosa beach for a fun yet educational paddling session will be a great team bonding experience!

Why Va’a is an excellent corporate event


  • To valorize participants: each employee will be highlighted.
  • Team building between participants: outrigger canoeing allows participants to forge stronger links between them.
  • To achieve and experience success: races simulations will be organized.
  • To become a High-Performance Team: positive attitude, commitment to the team, trust and communication become essential on the water.

Location and functioning


Teambuilding events are held at Siloso Beach, on the southeast side of Sentosa. The event lasts 2 to 4 hours depending on your needs and your requirements.


Upon arrival, participants will be introduced to safety rules, the history and the spirit of outrigger canoeing. After having learnt the basics of a good paddling stroke, participants will warm up and complete their first challenges on the water. The session may end with a post-event meal and/or awards.




There need to be a minimum of 4 paddlers participating. All participants need to conduct a basic swimming test and be comfortable.
Please wear short/t-shirt and/or appropriate swimming costumes and wear sunglasses and/or a cap. You will be in the sun for a couple of hours
Also make sure you bring a bottle to fill with water (try to not use single-use plastics), a towel and a change of clothes after. There are showers at Warehouse.

Paddles, lifejackets and all other safety gear are provided.